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Citizens Bank & Trust Co., The Trusted Name in Banking

Additional Services

Citizens Bank & Trust provides many ways for you to access your accounts and funds. We are committed to providing our customers with quick, easy and secure banking when they need and where they need it.

CB&T iTalk 24-Hour Telephone Banking

Access your CB&T accounts from the privacy and convenience of your home, car or anywhere you have a touch-tone phone.

Telephone Banking allows you to:

  • Inquire on account balances
  • Verify deposits and ATM / Debit card transactions
  • Hear what checks have cleared your account
  • Transfer funds from one account to another
  • Make loan payments
  • Inquire on Interest Rates

The number for Telephone Banking is 662.326.3408 or toll free at 877.326.8047

CB&T Bank Card Services

CB&T's Check Card functions as both a debit card and ATM card. It's a checkbook and ATM card all rolled into one.
  • No checkbook to carry
  • Use anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Sale amount automatically deducted from your checking account
  • No waiting for check approval
  • Convenient and easy to use

The CB&T Check Card works instantly at ATM machines throughout the world displaying any of the logos shown on the back of the card. As a courtesy to our customers, the CB&T Check Card or ATM card can be used free of charge at any of our banks ATM machines. As a debit card, it can be used for purchases everywhere Visa is accepted.
The CB&T Check Card is not a credit card. Transactions are deducted from your CB&T checking account.
Note: The Debit Card is available only to checking account customers. Application is subject to approval.

Online Banking

With NetTeller you get FREE up-to-the-minute information about all of your eligible accounts. Some features of Online Banking are:
  • Access and print information on all eligible accounts including loans.
  • Review and print transactions and statements.
  • Confirm deposits, withdrawals and checks cleared.
  • Transfer funds between accounts and make loan payments.
  • Download transactions to many financial management programs.
Access is secure and convenient and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (The system may be down periodically for maintenance or for other reasons outside our control.)

Bill Pay – Online Bill Payment Program

Pay your bills online – it's inexpensive and convenient! With Bill Pay, your payments are transferred from your CB&T checking account to your payee's account either electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network or by check via US Mail. With Online Bill Pay:
  • You control who the payment goes to, when the bill is paid, and what information prints on the check.
  • You can pay one-time bills or schedule recurring payments to pay automatically each month.
  • You can pay any person or company in the United States, the next door neighbor, the utility company, the bank or even a child in college.

Safe Deposit Box

A Safe Deposit Box is a secure place to store valuable items and important papers all in one location. It is only accessible to you or your representative, and all of this security is provided for just pennies a day. Safe Deposit Boxes are available at any of our locations. For additional information about this service, please contact customer service at your Local branch office during business hours.

Direct Deposit

Sign up for Direct Deposit for your Social Security or payroll checks and you will no longer need to worry about a lost or stolen check.
With Direct Deposit, you know your money is in the bank! No need to rush to the bank to make your deposit. Please contact your employer or your local social security office to get set up for this service.