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Citizens Bank & Trust Co., The Trusted Name in Banking

Construction Loans

Citizens Bank & Trust Co. is an Equal Credit Opportunity Lender and Equal Housing Lender that grants loan requests to qualified applicants living and working in our service area.

Business Loans

Local decision-making. Responsiveness. Competitive rates.
We at CB&T devote ourselves to serving the needs of local businesses. We work with each of our customers individually and customize the structure of your loans to make sense with your strategic plans for your business. We want to take the time to understand your business and help you professionally and safely grow by the use of borrowed funds. You will find us to be a great resource when you face the challenges of growth and need financial expertise. Consider us first when seeking a loan, including:
Loan Type Description
Revolving Lines of Credit To support temporary, seasonal growth in accounts receivable, inventory, and other short term operating assets
Agriculture Loans To support and fund seasonal crop production.
Term Loans To finance long-term capital needs such as equipment or plant expansion and provide working capital for growth in sales, inventory, and receivables
Letters of Credit Performance Bonds, Standby and Financial
Bridge Loans To provide short-term financing until a specific repayment source is completed
Commercial Real Estate To provide longer-term funds for acquisition, development, construction and improvement of commercial real estate properties