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Citizens Bank & Trust Co., The Trusted Name in Banking

Schedule of Fees

Citizens Bank & Trust Schedule of Fees
Item Fee
Check Printing Fee depends on style of check ordered
Cashier's Checks $10.00
Overdraft (each Overdraft Paid) $35.00
Non-sufficient Funds Items (Each) $35.00
Deposited Checks Returned Unpaid (Each) $10.00
Account Activity Printout $3.00
Replacement of Lost Debit Card $5.00
Account Research - Check Copies $1.00 per page (Plus) $20.00 per hour
Stop Payment and Alerts $35.00
Wire Transfers Outgoing or Incoming (Foreign) $50.00
Wire Transfers Incoming (Non-Foreign) $10.00
Wire Transfers Outgoing (Non-Foreign) $30.00
Garnishments and Levies (Each) $35.00
Collection Items (Sent and Received) $50.00
Internet Bill Pay (Monthly) Free
ACH Origination (Monthly) $50.00
Dormant Account ¹ $15.00 Semi-Annual
¹ An account is dormant if for 182 days: There have been no deposits or withdrawals, there has been no communication about the account, the account statements returned for incorrect address. Overdraft Fee is imposed for overdrafts created by checks, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or by other electronic means, as applicable. Fees are established at the Bank's discretion and may be changed with or without notice.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Box Size Price
3 x 5" $25.00
3 x 10" $35.00
5 x 5" $30.00
5 x 10" $45.00
10 x 10" $85.00